Plans on 2013


It’s already January 14 and I think it is not too late to post any of my plans for the 2013. I just came from Japan recently and I realized something, I want to live and work there but that has got to wait. Probably not this year but I have this feeling that Japan will be my 2nd home soon. Well it is only a realization for 2013 and not really a immediate plan for 2013. My journey will be really long and it only begins now.I’ve been pressured to do a lot of grown-up stuff now such as paying bills, budgeting, house chores, driving lesson (meaning I’ll be getting a car this year, finally!) and of course, getting a career for myself. Probably my parents are telling me that if I want to live independently in another country I have to take care of myself.

I’m currently looking and applying for a job now (as I promised when I get back to the PH). I’d like to be in the airline industry. I’ve been looking forward for this to happen. Although a lot of job offerings (not in my field but really good companies though) have been giving me an opportunity, I still have a big, strong feeling about going through airline industry. My motto, “finish what you have started”. I’m studying about certain stuff about applying for airlines because competition is really stiff lately and I want to give my best in applying for the position I really want. It took me time to do all of these stuff and I must say I’m proud on what I have become this 2013 to be ready to the challenges in applying.

I might go back to Japan this July. I miss everyone there especially my parents. I can’t wait for the festival I’ll be attending this year and finally its summer (no more cold nights and freezing fingertips!). I hope for more travel too this 2013. Let’s start the year right.